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The last few months have witnessed a staggered return to normalcy as social interactions have picked up and travel restrictions have been lifted. Over the last quarter, we were able to step up our engagement with customers, particularly around new solutions, and our Q1 performance is in line with our expectations. 

The last few months have witnessed a staggered return to normalcy as social interactions have picked up and travel restrictions have been lifted. Over the last quarter, we were able to step up our engagement with customers, particularly around new solutions, and our Q1 performance is in line with our expectations.

As the relevance and applicability of AI continue to increase across multiple verticals, enterprises understand the importance of democratizing AI. This has helped in HyperSense AI gaining traction and we are pursuing various strategic partnerships for increasing market reach.

In-line with our vision of enriching lives through AI-led Digital Trust, our portfolio continues to grow stronger with our core solutions migrating to HyperSense. Our first few customers for HyperSense-based solutions are under deployment, and we are happy with the progress made so far. Our early success from these deployments provides us with confidence and momentum to take HyperSense to a larger set of accounts. Further, the recognition received from the media and analyst community has lent credence to our vision and provided us with the necessary validation for our ongoing investment in the space of AI.

Over the course of the quarter, we have also ramped up our engagement with industry forums like TM Forum. We are actively driving multiple Catalyst Programs and also taking the lead on defining guidelines for important areas like Margin Assurance. Also, our AI Labs team continues to make valuable contributions to the opensource community in an attempt to give something back to the AI fraternity.

In terms of the newer areas of business, I am happy to state that IDcentral has gone live with its first telco customer, helping the operator leapfrog their onboarding process, and gain significant competitive advantage. Sectrio continues to add customers from multiple verticals, and is well-poised to achieve its envisioned objectives for the year.

As we progress through the year, we are confident of emerging as the preferred Digital Trust partner for our customers to help them thrive in this hyper-competitive era. Towards this, I thank you for your support and look forward to your continued patronage.


Vinod Kumar,
MD and CEO, Subex


Subex announces its consolidated financial results for Q1FY23 

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